Monday, April 28, 2008

Random Stuff

This is Will. He is wearing the cutesy shirt and you can't see it in
this picture. He was laughing hystericaly when I took this picture. He
has sun and wind burn from going with his Nana and Aunt Meg to the
zoo. He had so much fun.

I only have three more weeks of school before the semester is over. I
am way excited. Then only 9 months til I graduate. I'm nervous about

I have written and turned in my last big paper for the semester today.
Go me.

Why did my Research teacher plan poster presentations then not show up
to see them because she is sick? I would have had to be there unless I
was dead, but the teacher doesn't have to show. And why did her
assistant see and evaluate every poster but my groups? I hope we do ok.

The kind of End

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stupid piece of trash drivers

I was driving nicely to my mother-in-law's house just a few minutes
ago. I was in the right lane and looked over to a huge red Denali that
was getting ready to run me off the road. It was coming into my lane
and I see an Asian woman looking out the window at me. I honk my horn,
they move back over and then have the NERVE to honk at me. Jerk! I was
so mad. Then I pull up to the light right across the street from my
destination and I am behind this big truck with two long haired guys
in camoflauged hats. The driver looks out his side mirror at me and
when the light turned green he burned rubber on purpose. I had to
drive through the fog of foul smelling smoke to get through the light.
What the &@*#**@ is wrong with people?

I love this thing

This is the new Neutrogena Wave. It is a thing to wash your face. It
comes with round pads to put on the end then you turn it on and it
vibrates and lathers your face. Matt made fun of me for buying it
because Vanessa Hudgins (from High School Musical) was on the
commercial. First of all, I didn't buy it. My sister-in-law bought it
but didn't like it because it dried out her face. I asked if I could
have it 'cause she wasn't using it.

I tried it before I went to bed but didn't like it because it didn't
lather well. I then saw on the commercial that you can use it in the
shower so I tried it during my shower and I was hooked. It gives you a
cool feeling and helps massage my sinuses (and we all know I have bad
allergies). I make sure to use a facial moisturizer every day so my
face doesn't get dry. My skin feels super soft and I love this silly
thing. They are kind of expensive, $12.00 for the starter package with
the Wave and some pads. The refill pads are $6.00 for 30 pads, but I
think it is worth it. I may be a nerd for having, enjoying, and
blogging about my Wave, but I don't care because it's cool. The End.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Schools I Have Attended

Matt was cleaning out the closet yesterday (a task I am bad at because
I don't want to get rid of things) and ran across several different
things from several different colleges and universities. That brought
up the question of how many colleges I have actually attended. I told
Matt (after careful counting) seven. Later we decided the final count
was 10-11. Here they are in chronological order.
1. Stephen F. Austin State U in Nacogdoches,TX. This is where my
undergrad degree is from.
2. Tarrent County Junior College - I took math and science there
during the summer.
3. Maple Woods - I took some more classes towards my teaching very.
When I moved to KC.
4. University of Missouri, KC - I took graduate classes for special
education here.
5. Southwest Missouri State University- I went here while I was
teaching in southern Missouri.
6. Some random school -I took economics by video correspondence course
while I was teaching.
7. Clarkson College in Omaha, NE - I did my CNA classes here.
8. Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, NE -I took nursing pre
requisites here.
9. Graceland University - this is where I currently enrolled, doing
nursing school.

So its only 9. I'm sure Matt will remember another one. No wonder I
want to be done with school. 8 months left and then at least five
years off before I go for my masters.

Monday, April 21, 2008

What I am Doing About My Extra Fat

That makes it sound like I found some extra fat outside in the yard
and am trying to decide what to do with it. I would love for that to
be the case (although it could potentially be really nasty, it is
better than the alternative). No, I seem to have added some extra
pounds to my short, fluffy body. Right now to combat the extra pounds
I am typing on my iPhone and waiting for class to resume. However,
earlier today I brushed the dust off my Pilates video tapes and did a
twenty minute workout. Since my ankle is still retarded, I figured a
jog around the block was out (and seriously, have I ever been jogging?
No.). I felt awsome after, and plan to do that a couple of times a
week. Now if I could just get back to eating more vegetables...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Baby is Growing Up

Will is going to be 18 months old tomorrow. For everyone who doesn't
know, children go to nursery at 18 months in our church, The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Since Will only has one more day
til he is 18 months, I took him to nursery. I checked him to make sure
his diaper was ok and dropped him off. He just stood in the middle of
the room. He didn't even notice me leave (he was tired). I went and
taught my Sunday School class. After Sunday School I went to look in
the peep hole in the door. Whoever designed the doors in the nursery
was a genious. I love being able to see him without opening the door.

Anyway, I checked on him and he was standing in the middle of the room
holding his head (that is his tired stance). I was sure they were
going to have to come get me at some point, even if just for a diaper.
Three quarters of the way through Relief Society I had to go check on
him again. He was doing a puzzle and having fun. When church was over
I went to get him. He was like "oh, hi mom. How's it going?" he was
laid back and not excited to see me. He was so good and didn't miss
me. I'm so glad but kind of sad because he is so independent and
didn't miss me. Oh well. He's still my little angel.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My lap as a tray

My beautiful, brilliant son thinks my lap is his personal tray for
food and drink. The picture is my huge thigh with Wills leftover
cereal bar he put there. There is cereal bar on my other thigh he
licked earlier. There is also a bottle of milk on my upper thigh that
was just placed there by my fabulous son. Being a Mom rocks!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Ankle

Hooray! I sprained my ankle AGAIN. I sprained my ankle the first time
in Omaha at the beginning of the semester. I didn't let it heal
properly and it has been bothering me for two months or so. This
morning, while walking from my car to the hospital for clinicals, I
walked into a divot in the ground and down I went. I knew right away
it was sprained again.

The most humiliating part was having to be wheeled in a wheelchair to
the floor I was going to work on and have everyone look at me. I'm
sitting in front of the hospital now, waiting for Matt to come get me
since I drive a manual transmission car and can't push the clutch with
my crappy ankle.

The moral of the story is always let your injuries fully heal or they
will come back to bite you on the....(insert body part here).

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sometimes I get emotional. Anyone who has lived with me can attest to
that (and since the only people who read my blog are those who have
lived with me, everybody understands). I had a pretty hood day until I
had to ruin it with emotion. Somtimes I get upset at nothing and
instead of listening to my husband and going to bed I continue to
argue and make less and less sense. I hate it when I get like that and
screw up the end to a good day. Maybe someday I will learn and be
better, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Thank goodness my Matt
still likes me, even when I'm an emotional mess , or as I sometimes
say, I'm emotionally retarded. The End.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Video Guys Hate Chubby People

For the past two days some guy with a video camera has been running around taping people for a "Come to Graceland" welcome video. He was in class yesterday and today, zooming in on people and following the class around. I noticed that he was zooming in on those that are skinnier and "prettier" than me. Not that I want to be on their video, it's just something that I noticed. The video guy stopped several people who were young and skinny(er than me) to interview them. Most had been sitting around me a few minutes prior. I wonder if it's because I won't look good on camer or if i'm just being paranoid. I even fixed my hair yesterday and today and put on make-up. It's because i'm trying to look nicer and feel better about myself rather than trying to impress people. Oh well.

Word Verification...Sometimes it is Necessary

The three of you that read and comment on my blog will notice I have
added the word verification feature to comment on my blog. I used to
think word verification was just to annoy me. I learned the hard way
the verification serves a necessary function.

I had a random person comment on my blog a couple of weeks ago and all
it said was "please press here" or something like that with a link. I
decided to check it out at school. I didn't want my iPhone to be
contaminated just in case. It went to some "virus scan program" that
really downloads some virus. I got out quickly. I realized later, by
clicking on his name, that the blog site took you to the virus site
too. I want to report him as bad but don't know how.

To make a long story short (too late), I put the verification on to
deter those viruses on my blog. Sorry for the extra work, but you can
make up definitions for the verifications.

Monday, April 14, 2008

April Snow Showers

Snow in April you ask. Why yes, didn't you know May flowers are
brought by April snow showers? In Missouri this year they are. The
weather people kept saying we were going to get some snow Saturday and
Sunday, and for once they were right. It didn't stick of course. The
ground and everything else was too warm for that. My car did look icy
for a few minutes, and it was dang cold Saturday and Sunday. I guess
Winter just wanted one last hurrah before spring took over. I'm glad
it's going to be 60 degrees tomorrow. So long winter.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Loneliest Place In the House

This is where Roxys kennel used to sit. This morning Will ran over to
let her out like he does in the mornings, only she wasn't there. He
was ok after a second. He ran to the kitchen looking for food. I left
Will at his Nana's house tonight and came home to an empty house.
'sigh' I am glad Roxy has a new home where she will have a great
family, but I'm still adjusting and I miss her some. Don't get me
wrong, we are all better off, but my house is lonely.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Will and I were playing and he bumped his head on the corner of his
dresser. You can see the bump on the top left of his head. Its the red
and purple inflamed area. Sometimes I'm a bad mom.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Legal Day

Nursing school requires you to participate in continuing education
things. I'm not sure why because we are in school, but whatever. Today
is one of those days we have to continue our education by
participating in legal day. Sounds exciting, right? Heck NO. Four
greulling hours of listen to an RN turned lawyer talking about the
in's and out's of legal issues related to nursing. Holy Schnikes! I'm
only about half way through legal day and might just die of boredom
before it's over.

I am awake enough to understand this is important and could be
exciting (as much as legal stuff can be exciting) in the hands of
someone else. I knew it would be bad when I saw it was one person
talking for four hours. I inwardly groaned when she said she does'nt
use power point. There isn't even any thing to look at. HELP ME!


There are so many wrong things that the name of this blog could imply,
but this is a clean blog so get your mind out of the gutter (Matt,
that means you).

I just started the Book of Mormon again and I always read the headings
and look at how long they are to see if I even want to start the
chapter or if I think I'm going to fall asleep before I am halfway
done. I am only in 1Nephi chapter 3 or 4. The heading was short so I
started reading. As I turned the page I saw that the chapter went on
and on. I felt betrayed and that the heading was uneven in comparison
to the chapter. So the next chapters heading was long, but not to be
decieved, I turned the page to see how long the chapter was and sure
enough it was a short chapter. It was an unusually long intro for such
a short chapter. Again with the uneven. Every assumption I had was out
the window. I guess I'll have to change my thinking.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Will and Dale

This has been a cute Will picture day. Kathi and I took Will for a
walk earlier in this beautiful day. When we got back to the house he
was upset and didn't want to come inside so we coerced Dale (by
asking) to taking Will in the backyard garden. This is them admiring
the garden. Way cute.

Sleeping Baby Will

This is Will napping during Confrence. Dang, he's cute.


I am a bad Mormon. I didn't go to or listen to or watch confrence
yesterday. Today is better. Our three person family got into two cars
and drove to my in-laws house. Since we don't have cable anymore we
can't stay home, but we can go to Matt's parents. His parents and the
three of us actually watched this morning. Then Dale (my father in
law) left to visit his brother in a nursing home, Matt went to work
and Kathi, Will, and I napped. I am the only one awake and Kathi is
snoring. I love my family. I am lucky to have them. My goal for
October is to participate both days. We will see.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Roxy the dog

Ok, how many of you knew we had a dog? How many of you know I am a cat
person? Need I say more? Our friend Dave, who really likes dogs,
thinks our dog is dumb. We were playing the game tug the toy and throw
the toy. I was throwing the nasty toy and she kept running the wrong
way (my house only has one wrong way to run). So finally I threw the
toy into Will's room, where she kept trying to go, she got confused
and couldn't find it. She only looked in the dining room. Dumb dog.
She's pretty, but dumb.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Favorite Pills

No, I'm not a drug addict and I don't push pills. Sometimes I have
issues falling asleep and/or staying asleep (usually when Matt comes
home). Sometimes I take one Benadryl and one ibuprofen to help me
sleep. It is the same thing as Advil PM but cheaper. At the hospital
where I used to work they gave it all the time because they didn't
stock Advil PM. If you ever have a little trouble sleeping I highly
recommend trying my concoction. You might be surprised.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Hair and Getting Old

Yesterday I had hair that looke like the Flying Nun. Not that I have ever seen the show, but I have seen pictures. I had Matt take a picture of my hair, but I looked so bad that I am not going to post it. I will add a picture of the flying nun later (i'm running out of time). I was also looking in the mirror last night and saw lots of grey hairs flying proudly from my head. They are ok, but I think i'm too young to have so many. I also have decided that I need to wear make up all the time because I am starting to look older and I can't get away without make up like I thought I could when I was younger. Getting older really sucks (even thought 31 isn't very old, it's much older than I feel).