Saturday, January 19, 2008


I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas - we moved there when I was five and I moved away when I was 23. I lived in Kansas City, Missouri for three years, moved to Omaha, Nebraska and lived there for over a year and then moved back to Kansas City, Missouri. Growing up I hated summer and wished for winter. I wanted to see snow and have cold temperatures. I don't think I feel like that anymore. I don't love summer, but I sure don't love winter like I thought I would. Maybe it is the fact that I am a mother of a 14 month old son, but winter just isn't as much fun as I thought it would be. It is 9 degrees here in Kansas City. I had to stop for gas on the way home from my mother-in-law's house. I usually pay cash for my gas because I get out gas money at the beginning of the month. Today I used my debit card at the pump because William (the baby) had lost a shoe and was showing signs of wind burn on his face and I didn't want to get him out of the car to pay cash. I am not like some mothers who would leave their children in the car to go pay for gas. Then, Will decides he will take off his sock too. So that leaves me bringing in a baby from the car with only one sock and shoe on and one foot exposed to 9 degree temperatures. Plus, he refuses to keep mittens on his hands, so his little hands are exposed to the cold too. I am just waiting for him to get frostbite on his hands or feet. So, I don't like winter and don't want to live someplace that gets cold. I also don't like 100+ degree summer weather, so maybe I should just move to California and get flood and fire insurance.