Sunday, June 29, 2008


I know Matt posted a picture of Jasper, but here is another. He loves
to put his face in your face. Its cute but a little wierd when he
launches him at your face. I am enjoying having him. A kitten was a
good addition to our family.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I don't wanna go back to school

I am sitting on my bed admiring my new kitten, Jasper, take a nap and
thinking I had better get my crap together for class on Monday. Yes
ladies and gentelmen, summer classes for Graceland University school
of nursing starts Monday June 30. I don't want to go back. I know that
six weeks of classes now means I am done five months early, but I'm
not ready for classes to begin again. Going back on Monday means that
between now and mid January I will have about four weeks off and it
will be hectic. I get two weeks the end of august and two or so at
Christmas. When I am done with classes jan 30 I hope to have a job and
take the NCLEX, the licensing exam, sometime in February. My life is
going to be crazy. Is it so wrong to want to delay that a bit? I don't
think so. I just hope I don't torn into a big hairy witch during the
next seven months.

Friday, June 27, 2008

In Anticipation of the New Kitten

Ever since my sister in law, Stacie, found a stray cat in her
apartment complex that we took in, we have wanted another cat.
Bellatrix, as we named her (go ahead and laugh) was an awsome cat. She
slept on my pillow and was very loving. However, Bellatrix was sick
and didn't live long with us before she died. It was sad. Matt and I
talked about getting another cat, but decided that we needed to do
something about the dog situation before another cat. Now Roxy is gone
and our house is pet free. It's sad. We have decided several times to
get a cat, and talked ourselves out of it each time.

We heard an ad from the place we got Roxy, Wayside Waifs, and they
have feline fridays, where kittens are two for $60 and cats over six
moths are $15 to adopt. We decided we were going to go today and get
an adult, shorthaired, male cat. We bought all the necessary things
like litter with litterbox, food, and dishes. Then Stacie called
yesterday and asked if we wanted a kitten because she knew someone
that had six kittens to give away. Matt and I talked about it, and
today at 4pm or so, we should own a brand new, black and white male
kitty, just weaned from its mom. I've never had a kitten that small
before. Any advice?

We also would love some name input. We are trying to go with boy
Wizard names, like Merlin, but we can't use Merlin because he is alive
and well at my mother in laws house. We thought maybe Jasper (see the
literary theme?) Any advice would be welcome.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hideous Salmon Colored Walls

There are many colors of wall that I can handle. However, salmon
colored is not one of them. When we bought our house, there was
wallpaper in our bedroom, the living room, and the dining room. We
started with the living room, peeled wallpaper, sanded, and painted.
It took at least 9 months to get that all done. We began peeling
wallpaper in the dining room about the same time we moved in, but quit
to finish the living room. Still, it took over a year after finishing
the living room to get the dining room painted. It looks great now,
even if the trim still needs to be painted. So, Matt and I peeled
wallpaper in the bedroom today. What was underneath was the most
hideous shade of pink I have ever seen (see the above picture). I
cannot live in a salmon pink room for 6-9 months before we paint. I
start school next week and have classes for six weeks, then I am off
for two weeks before the fall semester. I am hoping to get our bedroom
painted during that two weeks.

On a related matter, we have decided to paint our bedroom something
other than orange. Something more soothing and more suited to a
bedroom in a home we are going to sell in the next two to three years.

On an unrelated note, I will graduate from nursing school in seven
months. Go Me!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is what I spent my morning at choir and the hour of sacrament
yelling at Will today. Somedays are good and others are not. Today was
a not good day (until after our nap that happened after church).

First was choir, where we were practicing "Joseph Smith's First
Prayer" to perform today. There is a family named Tolman who have two
daughters. One, Samantha, is older than Will and he has been facinated
by her for quite a while. There other daughter is younger than Will.
Today during rehersal, Will pushed over and kicked the younger
daughter twice. He also pushed the Samantha several times. I was
horrified and at one point rehersal stopped because I yelled, Will
yelled, and the youngest Tolman was screaming. Will and I had a chat
about Jesus and how He didn't want us to hit.

During sacrament, Will was ornery. He wouldn't sit still, and he was
getting cranky. The last straw was that he bit me. I wasn't even doing
anything that could have really made him mad, in my opinion. I guess
we had a difference of opinion. Matt took him out and brought him back
in. I took him back out because he was so ornery. I was mad and he was
cranky. He even made me cry out of frustration. He was better in
nursery and fell asleep during the third hour of church. All the
crankyness was out when he woke up from his nap. I think he is going
to have quickly changing emotions like me. May the Lord bless our
family and give me patience.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dining Room

The living room was painted by my mom and my mother in law while I was
in the hospital after having Will in October 2006. I have been meaning
to paint the dining room ever since the living room was finished.

Monday, my mother in law and I sanded the dining room. Sanding sucks.
We put plastic over both doors and sanded the crap out of our plaster
walls. Kathi and I were covered from head to toe in greenish dust.
Kathi had it on her nose hairs so you could see them up her nose. We
cleaned all the dust from everything EXCEPT the ceiling fan. I went to
eat dinner and get Will. When I got home, dust had been distributed,
via fan, all over the house. I'm such a dunce sometimes.

Mom and I painted today. The green is something Matt and I agreed on
and I really like it. It is really green. Mom said it looks like a
lime lifesaver, but I think it looks like lush, beautiful grass.
Either way I like it, but my sister in law, Stacie, doesent. She
doesn't have to live here, though, so her opinion is not all that
relevant. My only concern is the ability to sell a house with a purple
living room, green dining room, and an orange bedroom (the bedroom is
next to paint). I'm sure we can find somebody crazy as us to love what
we have done.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby + yogurt - highchair = disaster

In case the title of the blog didn't clue you in, this morning I gave
Will a container of yogurt. To defend myself, I was making a fathers
day lunch for Matt and Will loves yogurt. I really didn't think he
could do anything but dump it on the floor, which I would clean up
later. So, I'm in the kitchen and Will has had his yogurt for several
minutes when I hear a big thud. I put down what I am doing and go
check on him. There is yogurt on the floor and Will is trying to stand
up. Somehow he managed to get yogurt all over his legs and feet so he
couldn't stand up without slipping. It was so funny, I couldn't help
but laugh. Will started laughing too, although he didn't know why. I
put him in his highchair to finish the yogurt that wasn't on the
floor, and had to hose him down in the shower (which he hated) before
we could go to church. It was awsome. Kids are so talented.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Junk To Pass the Time

I realized that it is Thursday and I haven't blogged since Sunday. I
know I get anxious when my friends (all four of you) haven't blogged
so, even though I don't have much exciting, I thought I would say "hi"
and write about my non exciting week.

Oh, I just remembered, Matt and I went to St. Louis temple on Tuesday.
We were asked by the stake to go to the temple twice this year on the
stake temple day, which is the second Tuesday of each month. I had
seven family names and Matt and I did baptisms, confirmations, and
initiatories for all seven then we did some sealings, but not any of
my family names. We left home at 6am and got there about 10. We
started home about 1:30pm, after an awsome day. Last time we did stake
temple day, we left at 5am and started home about 4pm. It was too long
of a day and we didn't enjoy it as much because it was too long of a
day. We are looking forward to doing endowments and sealings for my
family names in the next few months.

In other news, it is raining like crazy here. We are under a severe
thunder storm warning. I am watching Gone In 60 Seconds with the
window open to track the weather. I have been checking to make sure we
are not under a tornado watch/warning. There have been a couple of
tornado sightings north of the Missiouri River, but nothing here. The
thunder and lightening is crazy right now though. The wind is crazy,
too. They are worried about flash flooding in the area too. Right now,
they are saying I'm in the heaviest rain area, and I believe it. Good
stuff. I'm only going to worry if I hear the sirens for tornados. Good
thing we have a basement. I'll let you know if we get blown away. At
least Will is asleep.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Will has started giving kisses. If you say "kisses" and make kissing
noises, he will pucker up and give you kisses on the lips. Sometimes
you get a cheek kiss, but usually on the lips. It's super cute and as
a mom, it makes me happy.

Three days ago Will came home with a panda bear from the new movie
Kung Fu Panda. He was kissing his panda, something he had never done
to a stuffed animal. The next morning, Will was kissing his panda and
I asked for a kiss. He held out his panda for me to kiss. I asked for
a kiss again and he held out his panda. I kissed the panda, then Will
gave me kisses. It was so cute. I love my son.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tornado Katy, go away

In KC we have KCTV 5 and the main weather person is Katie Horner. I
only watch the station because it is CBS and has many of my favorite
shows. I don't like their news because they sensationalize everything.
Matt calls Katie Horner Tornado Katie because she overreacts in all
weather. I am watching CSI reruns and Katie breaks in every commercial
to tell us about storms two hours north of us and way out of our
viewing area. She drives me crazy. If the storm gets closer there will
be no more CSI and only Tornado Katie. I don't want that. I just want
to watch my CSI and eat little debbie snacks with Will.

This is the last time, I promise

Until next time, this is the last blog about the Twillight books. I
finished again on Tuesday morning at 9am. I was happy because I wasn't
depressed like I was last time I read them. Yesterday during our
family walk, I realized I was wrong. I wasn't as depressed this time,
but I was still troubled by the books and felt the regular let down of
finishing them again. I hope that the fourth and final book will
fulfill my need because I NEED to know about the wedding and if she
actually turns and how it is. I just have to know. And if it isn't a
happy ending, I don't know what I'll do. Sometimes I wish I didn't
feel so strongly when reading about fictional characters ( the strong
feelings are also associated with movies).

Monday, June 2, 2008


I have to admit, when I finished The Host all I wanted to do was read
it again right away. However, I didn't want to be made fun of, so I
decided to stay with Stephanie Meyer rather than move on. I'm on
vacation, I might as well indulge my obsession. You know what that
means! I started with Twillight Friday I think. This morning I
finished Neq Moon and am about to start Eclipse again. At least this
is only the second time reading them. I figured it was ok because the
movie and the next book are both coming out this year. I thought I
would be less obsessed this time around. Man was I wrong. I couldn't
sleep last night because I had to get to the part where she saw Edward
again in Italy. I knew what was going to happen but couldn't sleep.
Stephanie Meyer, how do you wright so beautifully? I'm obviously
obsessed because this is my second blog about her and her books in a
few days. I think I need professional help.