Monday, September 14, 2009

My Trip To The Hospital

So, I went to the hospital about three weeks ago to have a baby. All went well and we have a new baby boy - Blake Matthew Ware. He was born August 27th at 0755 and was 10 pounds 2.6 ounces and 21.5 inches long. The whole experience was fine - the baby is great but being tired and trying to feed the baby is very stressful. Anyway, I had been there for three days when Matt went to the cafeteria to get a soda and something to eat. When he came back, he had trouble getting the door open. We had been having trouble with the door the whole time I had been there and the nurses said they had lots of trouble with that door but the whole wing was getting redone in October, so they just had to tough it out. Matt couldn't open the door on the outside, even when banging on the door, so I got out of bed to open the door. Well, I couldn't get it open either. The outside handle was a flat plate that you had to push to get it open and the inside had a big hook like handle to pull open the door. For some reason the handle of the door was not attached on the inside anymore and would not pull back on the bolt. I was stuck in the room for about 15 minutes while the maintenance man tried to get me out and then had to call for back up. He actually had to crawl through the server that connected the inside of the room with the outside to store supplies for the nurses. It was very interesting.

I thought it was funny and actually took some pictures that were way too dark to see anything. Blake was sleeping in the room with me and we were just fine. Matt was outside and he was VERY MAD. My mom was outside too - I think she was fine. After they got me out I did get to move rooms, which I requested while stuck in my room. Matt was mad about the whole thing because it is a serious safety issue that they could have addressed when the handle was having problems but choose to ignore. Matt's point was that if I had gone into cardiac arrest or started hemorrhaging, they couldn't have gotten to me in time to save me. The crash cart would not have fit through the space that the maintenance guy had to crawl through. I see Matt's point, but I still think it was funny.