Friday, August 7, 2009

Good Days With Toddlers DO NOT Come in Threes

You know how they say good or bad things come in threes. Well, that does not apply if you have a toddler. Yesterday Will and I had a great day. After I got up and went to the OB doctor, came home and had a nap, Will and I went to both Sam's Club and Wal-Mart for groceries and he was an almost perfect angel. He ran away once, but it was easily taken care of and he didn't run far. I was hoping for another great day today. What I ended up with is frustration, water and cat food all over my kitchen, a disaster in the bathroom, and an uneaten grilled cheese sandwich. I took my nap today around 11:30 and got up in time for Will's movie Tarzan to be over and for him to take a nap. I played on the computer while he napped. When he got up he took a bath and splashed water everywhere, but that is ok. Then I took a shower, but first I fixed him a grilled cheese because he was soooo hungry. He was supposed to eat while I took a quick shower and then we were going to play. The grilled cheese didn't get eaten, I heard a crash from the kitchen, and Will showed up with a wet butt and wet feet. For some reason he wanted to feed the cat but the cat already had clean water and food. Instead, Will ended up dumping the cat's water all over the floor and he put the food in the now empty but still wet water dish. I don't understand. He also decided he wanted to go potty so sat on the big toilet without his diaper (which had to be removed because he sat in the cat's water and he was wet) and proceeded to put his whole hand in the toilet water with some toilet paper and then drip it everywhere.

I'm so frustrated and angry, but at the same time I realize it's kind of funny. I can't really punish him because I want him to want to use the potty and he was just trying to feed the cat because he was hungry. Maybe tomorrow will be better.