Monday, September 24, 2007

My 30th Birthday

<---That is me
I turned 30 Friday 21 September 2007. My beautiful, tiny house became host to 23+ people. It was totally INSANE. My friends Jake and Suzzanne from Omaha came to visit and stayed in my living room. There were five people sleeping in my house this weekend, including Jake and Suzzanne, my sister-in-law Stacie, Matt and I and Will. It was CRAZY! However, we all managed to shower at different times and we didn't even run out of hot water.

This is Suzzanne

Here is one of my many stories from this past weekend. So, Suzzanne and Jake slept in the living room with Jake on the couch and Suzzanne on the air mattress on the floor. My air mattress has been in the basement in storage for quite a long time (at least a year). I don't know if that is the reason that we had trouble with it, or what, but it was not the best behaved air mattress ever. First, I couldn't find the pump to blow up the mattress. When I finally found the pump it had a piece missing. Matt had to rig it with a wrench socket and some duck tape. It was funny. At least the batteries were still good. So, we aired up the mattress around 11pm and by 2am Suzzanne had to reinflate the mattress because it had deflated. The best part is that she couldn't find the pump that was right next to her and she ended up blowing it up with her mouth. She had to reinflate it again about 6am, but this time she could see the pump and used that. We went Saturday morning to buy a new one at Wal-Mart. Problem solved. I even bought a new pump. This is Jake--->