Thursday, June 18, 2009

Will's First Sentence

William has been talking for quite a while. He recently started stringing two words together but when he first started he would say one word and take a two or three second pause then add the second word. It was funny and there were many miscommunications because he hadn't finished asking for what he wanted or saying what he was trying to say. Then one day, two Saturday's ago - June 6th to be precise - Will said his first sentence. His Nana came over to get him at 0830 because Matt and I were leaving at noon to go to St. Louis to see Rent (which was the most wonderful show I have ever seen) and Will was staying with Nana. I had to wake Will up and he was NOT happy about it. He was very angry and was crying lots. When Nana showed up he got more angry. He said "Nana, you go away now!" It was funny but I tried not to smile and told him that what he said was mean and he needed to say sorry. Matt was laughing and said "Will, you go away now" and Will cracked up. It really was funny, and ever since then, Will has been talking in sentences. The experts say that once the kid starts talking it just explodes, and they weren't kidding. It just amazes me. It's so cute, because he still takes pauses between words sometimes and you never know what is going to come out of his mouth. I'll try to get a video of him talking and post it because it is way cute (at least I think so).