Monday, May 11, 2009

The Weekend

Matt planned a lovely weekend in Omaha several months ago for us. On Friday we drove to Omaha after I had worked all night. I slept in the car for a little bit, but didn't sleep much. When we got to Omaha, Matt wanted to eat lunch, but I wasn't hungry yet, so we were going to go to a used book store in the Old Market area. We got out of the car, paid the meter, and were crossing the street when I stepped down wrong and twisted my right ankle. What a lovely beginning to what was supposed to be a special weekend. I'm such a dork.

Matt got me back in the car and headed to Walgreens, where we spent too much money on a pair of crutches for me. We got to the hotel only to find that the room we had booked a month in advance, was not available until 5pm due to the fact that they allowed late check out. Matt had booked the room with the jacuzzi bathtub, and since we don't have a bathtub, I was really looking forward to it. Stupid, crappy people. That night we saw the new Star Trek movie and it was AMAZING!!! I laughed so hard, and at some points I was the only one laughing. It was a great re-boot to the movies and it was hilarious.

Saturday morning we went to the temple where I was fussed over by all the female workers due to the fact I was on crutches. It was nice, but a bit embarrassing. I didn't want so much attention. Oh well. We had a great session. Matt then took me to the zoo where he proceeded to push me around in a wheelchair. It was fun but a bit humiliating. I felt dumb, but I couldn't have gotten around the zoo without him pushing me in the chair. He did run over a few people in all the crowds, but as it was super crowded, there wasn't any way to avoid hitting a couple of people, especially when people kept darting in front of the wheelchair.

Sunday we went to a random ward that we chose because it started at 10:50 and I didn't want to go to church at 8am on vacation. They handed out huge Hershey's Symphony milk chocolate candy bars for Mother's Day. It was great. I love chocolate. We then went to Wicked for the third time. Our whole trip was planned around the fact that we were going to see Wicked again. It was great for the third time. We went to the Sunday Matinee, so the main characters were played by the understudies to give the leading people a break. I have learned that you often get understudies when you go to matinees. This was by far my favorite wizard, but neither of the main characters of Glinda or Elphaba were the best we have seen. That's the problem with seeing a show several times, you compare actors and find some are better and some are not as good as you expect. Oh well. It was still wonderful and well worth it.

We got home late and Will was not excited to leave his Nana's house nor was he very excited to see us. Today he is very enthralled with my cane (I have traded the crutches for a cane) and he likes to carry it around. I called work today and asked if there was something I could do while using a crutch and having my foot in a brace. I was told that if I cannot fulfil my job description, I cannot come in to work. I figured that would be there answer, but it seems silly that they can't find anything for me to do. I am healing quickly and hope to be able to work tomorrow night because I need the money. I realize that this post is not very exciting, but I will post some zoo pictures later.