Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Thoughts/ Questions

1. Why, when people are talking about doing cool stuff with Emily, are
they never talking about me? People at work today were talking about
there cool plans with Emily, but they weren't talking about me. Maybe
I'm just not that cool. Like that new movie I haven't seen because I'm
a loser, "He's just not that in to you".

2. Did you know you can make your upper lip look like you got collagin
injections? I have a very stuffy nose and have been blowing my nose
for two days straight and am halfway through my second box of Puffs.
The "snot channel" under my nose is so red and swollen that my upper
lip looks like I got collagin injections. Crazy! Why pay for bigger
lips when you can get sick with the same results.

Friday, February 6, 2009

On Top Of The World

This week has been an AWESOME week for me.
- Will and I went to Kentucky to visit my mom and we had a great time and got home safely.
- I spent lots of time with my wonderful husband.
- I graduated from nursing school. I even got my diploma in the mail today which said I graduated with honors! Go Me.
- I now officially own my car. I made the last car payment on February 5th.
- I filled out my new hire paperwork at North Kansas City Hospital today. I start work Monday.
- I got to spend most of the day with my family by accident. I was leaving the hospital and saw my cousin Kelly. My Aunt Carol had knee replacement surgery today, so I sat with my family for several hours and chatted. I got to see my Aunt Carol after her surgery and she looked great.
- I got to have a vaginal ultrasound on the 5th and was able to see my new baby. He/she looks great and is very healthy the doctor said. HOORAY!

I must say, I am a very blessed individual and am happy to be me. I have been so wrapped up in school that I have forgotten to enjoy things, and I am enjoying things now and am super greatful for all my life has to offer.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Adventure To Kentucky

William and I boarded a plane for Kentucky to visit my mom on Wednesday at about 8:30am. We knew there was bad weather in Louisville, where Mom lives, and our flight from Chicago to Louisville was cancelled, but we went anyway. It was such a big ordeal to get Will up and to the airport and through the security check point that we decided to get to Chicago and hopefully catch a later flight to Louisville. Will and I sat at the back of the plane and he was WONDERFUL. He only cried once when I wouldn't take off his seat belt. I brought the portable DVD player so we could watch a movie only to turn it on and find out it didn't work anymore. It doesn't recognize the disk and so it won't spin the disk. Oh well. Will handled dissapointment well and we got to Chicago fine. We stood in a long line with other people trying to get to Louisville, including people who had spent the night in a hotel because they couldn't get to Louisville the day before. Will and I were on standby for a flight that left at 7:10pm. It was 11am. We got lunch and then I decided to try to fly into a different airport, like Indianapolis, Cincinati, or even Nashville. Everyone else was trying to do the same thing, so I got us booked on a flight to Louisville leaving the next morning at 7am and went to look for a rental car. I decided that I would drive if I could, rather than sit at the airport all day with a 2 year old. I got the 7am flight as a backup.

I got to the car rental area and found that Hertz was all out of one way vehicles. I went to National or something like it and asked for a car to Louisville. The people standing at the counter that were almost finished with the rental process offered to let Will and I ride with them. I pondered the offer for a few moments and felt good about the decision, and agreed to ride with them. They live in Louisville and were trying to get home to their three children. Will and I had a lovely trip and they were wonderful to us. We bought them a tank of gas when we arrived in Louisville, and that was all the payment they would take. It was a great blessing to have found them and to have been able to ride with them. The Lord watched out for us since I didn't make the best choice while still in Kansas City. I should have stayed at home and flown to Louisville the next day, but I didn't.

Will and I have had a wonderful visit but are excited to get back home to see Matt. I don't think I will ever go on vacation again without my spouse. It was a great trip, but I missed him very much.