Monday, December 14, 2009

New Stuff is Always Exciting

New Stuff is Always Exciting...

For example, getting a new toy/movie/gadget is always a cause for celebration in my house. We get the "new stuff" and play with it right away - maybe all day. When I first got my iPhone I spent lots of time on it fooling around. We usually get a new movie home and open it up right away and watch it. If it's something I have really been waiting for, like the new Star Trek, I will watch the movie, then all the special features, then maybe the movie with commentary. However, after a while new things get less exciting. My iPhone is still way cool but it has lost some of it's inital excitement (however, new apps always make me happy).

A new job is like that in lots of ways. I was soooo excited when I was offered the new job. Boy was I excited. It was the job I wanted and I was so glad that they wanted me too. Then it took two whole weeks to start orientation so I was anxious to start. Once I got to the orientation, I was super excited again because I got my badge that says Emily, RN (Woot) and I could use it to clock in, etc. I even used payroll deduction in the cafeteria and that was exciting (although that is super dangerous).

Today is my first day on the actual floor where I will be working. I was excited to get up and come to work today, even though I had to get up at 0530. I was excited to clock in and start my day. Everyone here is super nice and I feel very welcomed. However, I feel like some of the initial excitement has worn off. I know that sounds bad, but let me explain. My preceptor feels like she doesn't need to show me some things because I will be working nights and everything is so different from days to nights. That is a bit frustrating. I know it's true for some things, but it feels like a cop out so she doesn't have to slow down and show me things. Maybe it's because I am just so tired and our patients are so good today - who knows. I am still excited about my new job, but now I am waiting to go to nights to start my "real" orientation. Maybe the "new stuff" excitement will return my first night. Then again, maybe not. I may be lucky to stay awake the whole night :)

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Matthew Ware said...

Jobs go in waves. You get excited, motivated, happy, then you get tired, bored, lazy. Then you feel bad and get motivated again, before you fall down again. If you do that long enough you might just get to retirement.

Or go insane. Your choice :)