Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back To The Land of the Living

I have decided that since my life issues have seemed to be resolved right now that I can start to blog again. I took and passed my state boards in October (on Will's birthday) and have started orientation for my new job at a local hospital. I shall be working on the cardiac/pulmonary/telemetry floor. Basically we get patients who are moved from ICU but are still very critical. It is going to be AWESOME! I get to go to heart monitoring class, stroke class, and do advanced cardiac life support, where I learn how to run a code and push medications during a code. I'm super excited. I got my badge a couple of days ago and it said RN and I showed it to anyone who would listen.

Blake is now almost 4 months and weighs about 20lbs. He's HUGE and super cute. Will is three and terrible, but he's cute too. Matt is in school right now and is pursuing a degree in education. GO MATT! Life is good and all is well. I'm going to take this time to enjoy the relative calm that is my life before something bad happens, as it inevitably will.

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Matthew Ware said...

Maybe this is the year we stop spinning our wheels and actually make some progress. Besides having boys. We seem to be good at that.