Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meeting Jim Butcher

I LOVE Jim Butcher's books. He writes The Dresden Files books and there are 8-9 books already out and more to come. The new one called Changes just came out and I was debating whether to buy it because money is tight and I didn't want to spend frivolous money if I didn't have to (not that books are frivolous, but diapers and formula are more important). Matt convinced me to go to Borders in Lee's Summit (a town south of Kansas City with the closest Super Target) and see if they had it on sale. The book was $13 and some change so we got it. When I was at the check out, the lady said "Are you coming on Monday?" I'm thinking, what for crazy lady? I don't have money to blow on books! Apparently Jim Butcher was going to be there Monday night at 7pm for a reading and book signing. I got all the details and was excited. I got up at 0715 Monday morning and got the boys ready to go. We went to the bookstore and got our wristband to get our book signed. Then we did normal stuff and went back around 6pm. It was super cool. Jim Butcher's sister was standing next to me and we chatted for a while. People asked questions and he answered them. One of the things I like about his books is that his character, Harry Dresden is a smart aleck with an awesome, make me laugh out loud, sense of humor. Jim Butcher has the same sense of humor that his character does and I was laughing lots and loudly, because who laughs softly? Anyway, I got my book signed and a picture of my boys and I with Jim Butcher that I will post when I get it uploaded to the computer. It was an awesome time and the most excitement I have had in a while.

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